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Angie's list Review
Acme Termite offer a professional,
environmently friendly service in
all areas of pest eradication, both
residential and commercial.
City: Alhambra, CA

"Ken was very personable and knowledgeable. He did a very extensive examination of the property to address the problem areas. We were very pleased with the quality of the work and attention to detail and will definitely recommend them to friends and family. Top notch job!"
City: Pasadena, CA

"Very professional, timely, and responds accordingly"
City: Los Angeles, CA

"Ken was very understanding of the rush situation we were in and was very accommodating."
City: Los Angeles, CA

"Ken provided in depth knowledge on what repairs needed to be made to the property."
City: Reseda, CA
"After I had two different contractors before ACME and saw their inspection I was very surprised that Ken from ACME started to work even before I did approve his service. I was impress that he got under my house and up on the attic first before he even talked about the price showed me that he really cares for his customers. I will recommend ACME to my friends and Family."
Greg M.
"EVERYTHING went well. Doesn't get any better than that"
Jacob E.
"Completed a pest inspection and work that needed to be done for a client of mine. Work was done quickly and very cost efficient."
Jeannette Y.
"I hired Acme to do a termite inspection for the sale of my home. Ken came out within a day of my request. His inspection was very complete and professional. There was a small amount of work that needed to be done. He accomplished that in a timely manner. Given the choice, I would hire Acme and Ken Chinn again."
Orange Oil : An Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Orange oil is an all natural product to control drywood termites. Orange Oil has a pleasing orange scent unlike other chemical insecticide. Orange oil's active ingredient, comes directly from orange and other citrus peels making it useful for any sensitive termite treatment.

Orange Oil is a botanical-based insecticide ideal for spot treatments in both food and nonfood handling areas. An orange oil termite treatment is ideal for sensitive accounts such as schools, nursing homes, food processing plants, hospitals and government buildings.

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